The Team

The team of ITLogistics has been building up since 2005 and now still growing with a team of over 30 dedicated young professionals accompanied with the expertise of senior partners and local experts in various fields.

Mr. Igor Nikoloski graduated at the Law University of Skopje in the department of Politics with Public Relations and Mass media specialization. Mr. Nikoloski has worked since 2001 in the banking sector in Serbia and Macedonia, followed by experience as representative of two large credit reporting agencies. His expertise is project management and business planning as well as new business development

Mr. Aday holds a degree in journalism and has been working as a journalist, entrepreneur and business consultant to companies in Germany and Turkey. He is a human rights activists and writer of several publications in Germany. Mr. Aday has been an active consultant to German companies investing in Turkey and vice versa. His expertise is negotiations, B2B connections and project management.

Mr. Kiril Cuparigov – a key sales expert and business analyst responsible for new clients in the field of public procurement. Kiril is responsible for all the new business development strategies and customer relations.

Ms. Magdalena Nastevska – an MSc in accounting and audit. Financial expert and senior analyst.